Do you know that you can find a high-value domain name, check its availability and find that it’s unregistered, only to come back later to buy it and find that it has already been snapped up? Yes, this scenario has happened to many prospective domain owners. In this article, we are going to talk about bad practices that occur in the domain name landscape and steps you can take to avoid becoming a statistic.

You might be a victim of unscrupulous domain name registrars or domain name front running when you decide to buy a domain name

Domain name fronting is where a scammer monitors the domain names you enter in the domain name search availability tool and snaps them up before you get to register and buy them from a domain name registrar. These scammers intend to steal your domain name ideas, register them and then sell them at a higher price without effort.

There are also unscrupulous domain name registrars out there who will steal your domain names when you try to check their availability on their websites. Unlike domain name fronting, unscrupulous domain name registrars are wired to be anticompetitive, which means you can still buy the domain name on their platforms but at a much higher price.

Precautions to take to dodge domain name fronting and unscrupulous domain name registrars when looking to buy a domain

Before you head out to the registrars, write down your domain name ideas on a piece of paper and decide which one to buy before you type it in the domain name availability search box.

Choose a registrar with an impeccable track record of honesty and only buy a domain name from them. Never make the mistake of checking the availability of a domain name from other registrars. Also, never type the domain name in your browser to determine availability.

Buy the domain name right away once you confirm that it’s available. That domain name can be snapped up in a matter of seconds. If you don’t have money on hand to buy the domain name, don’t check its availability.

When you’ve shortlisted two domain names, and you’re unable to choose the best, register all of them. New domain names are not expensive so that you can afford both.

Don’t post your domain name on a forum asking for other people’s opinion. Someone might steal it and register it.

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