An introduction to selling products on eBay

There is no doubt that selling products on eBay is an excellent way to make money. All it takes to start selling on this popular international platform is to create an eBay profile and find the right products. Of course, this might seem easier than it actually is because there are still a few things that every potential seller has to take into account before starting a venture like this. Keep reading this article if you want to find out how to do this in the right way. Read more

Getting familiar with eBay

First and foremost, you should explore this online marketplace and auction website. Take some time to use their search features and see how they work. You can also browse seller information pages. Another important thing in this phase is to come up with an attractive account name. These usernames must have two or more characters. Keep in mind that you cannot use your email address or website address as a username. Needless to say, you should avoid trademarked names. Obviously, usernames that sound unprofessional should be avoided because they can make potential buyers go away.

After that, you can create an eBay account. Once you are done, you have to check your email and confirm your account. At this phase, you also have to choose a payment method. It’s good to know that different countries have different rules about the use of payment methods on eBay or other marketplaces on the Internet. For example, in the United States, sellers are using PayPal or merchant credit cards. Since you are a new seller, you won’t have any reviews. To get an instant reputation, it might be a good idea to buy a few things and get reviews at least as a buyer. Finally, complete your profile page. Don’t hesitate to provide more information about yourself.

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Selecting products

The best advice about selecting products for selling on eBay is to focus on products that you actually know and use. You can sell both used and new products. If you want to sell a new product you will have to conduct extra research. Don’t forget that you cannot sell everything you want on eBay. For example, you can’t sell drugs or animals. There’s a special section on eBay where you can check their policies which will give you a better picture about the stuff you can’t sell there.

New sellers usually have limitations when it comes to a number of sold items per month. So, even if you don’t want to, you will have to start small on eBay. This is a good thing because one month is not a long period of time to analyze your success in this marketplace. In addition, you should find sources from where you will buy the products and resell them in case you are into reselling. It’s obvious that you will also have to think about shipping and storage too. At the end of this step, check the trending and hot items directly on eBay’s main page and consider selling some of these products.

Building attractive listings

You have to take some time to research the market. Analyze the listings shared by other sellers in your field. In this way, you can find out how a good photo or a description should look like. Find out what makes a seller look safe. After that, visit the sell section on your dashboard and choose a title for a new listing. The words that will be part of the title must be relevant. It’s also a good idea to use alternative phrasings for example, in case you are selling a Samsung TV, use Smart TV in the title too.

Building attractive listings

If you have decided to use an auction, you will have to follow it. Remember that you don’t have to follow it to the end because every user has the right to end an action up to 12 hours ahead. Don’t forget that you can also block specific users if they are not following eBay’s rules. Once the item is sold and paid for, you should start the shipping process. You must package the product in a neat and secure way. If everything goes well and the transaction is finalized without any problems, then you should leave positive feedback for the client.

Getting the attention of buyers

In case you want to sell handcrafted goods or original pieces of art, you can join a group where you can find many collectors. Take some time to read their messages and you will figure out how to promote your work for free. Of course, if you want to get the attention of potential buyers, you should utilize social media networks too. For example, you can create a blog post about your items and share this blog post on Twitter or Facebook or some other popular social media platform.

To get more customers, you should also share the shipping price in the minimum bid or total price. Remember that modern customers love free shipping offers or at least cheap shipping solutions and they will appreciate an opportunity like that. In the beginning, It’s also a good idea to sell cheap (yet quality) products because you can find more buyers for this type of items which mean that you will get a chance to receive more positive feedback ratings. Once you become an established seller, you should think of launching an online store on eBay with the help of platforms like Shopify.