For businesses that think big and want to grow their activities and revenue rapidly, a dedicated web hosting service is a prudent investment. Dedicated web hosting is the go-to hosting solution when you want to build an e-commerce website, a large corporate website or any other high-traffic website that needs a high degree of reliability and security, as well as stability and control. So how does a dedicated web hosting server benefit a business?

Dedicated web hosting servers provide optimal performance

One of the most critical things large businesses look at when choosing a web hosting provider is performance. Large businesses have to deal with a lot of traffic and processes; which is why they pick hosting providers that offer optimal perform. When it comes to performance, bandwidth and disc space are mainly considered. Unlike shared hosting where bandwidth and disc space are shared among the various websites within the network, dedicated web hosting dedicates bandwidth and disc space to your website. In other words, there’s no sharing of resources in dedicated web hosting.

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Dedicated web hosting servers are secure

Large businesses take the security of their websites seriously. E-commerce websites, particularly, have to take security seriously because customers enter their personal and financial details on their servers. That explains why such large businesses never consider shared hosting because it comes with a lot of security vulnerabilities. Because many websites share the same server if one site is attacked by malware or hacked, other websites on the server are at risk, too. Also, hackers can disguise themselves as website owners and steal information from different websites. A dedicated server eliminates all those risks because you are assigned a dedicated server, plus an extra layer of security.

You get a dedicated IP address with a dedicated web hosting

A dedicated IP means that you won’t share the same IP address with other websites, which means their actions won’t impact your website, and you won’t worry about the prospect of the hosting provider or government blacklisting that IP address. While sharing an IP with a porn site or spammed site won’t hurt the reputation of your business, it will impact your search engine rankings. Dedicated hosting means you’re given a dedicated IP, and this means hackers cannot access your client information if you’re running an e-commerce website. Also, you won’t have to worry about the actions of other websites eroding the reputation of your site.


With this rundown, you can see why dedicated hosting servers are great for established businesses. Even if you’re just starting out, and if have a good budget, you should choose dedicated hosting over shared hosting.