Top 4 Cheapest Web Hosting Providers In 2018

Web hosting costs are one of the pains of an online business. Especially, if you are at the growth stage, much of your revenues might be ending up at the hosting providers’ pocket. However, if you approach an e-commerce expert, the first piece of advice they will offer to you is to avoid cheap web hosting providers.

Why? These providers will not offer the best services to you.

So, your website loading speed will be low. You will experience high rates of downtime. Also, the customer service you will receive will be below par. How true is this? Despite the above advice, it is possible to get reliable, fast, and cheap web host providers. Some website providers also offer “free trials”, so you can experience all the services and gadgets they provide, if you want to check this out then go to  and start your trial.
But that is not all, now we are going to tell you about some other affordable hosting providers options for you to choose. Do you doubt this? Here are the top 4 cheap web hosting providers:

    HostGator cloud 

This hosting provider leads in the list of the most reliable and cheap hosts. The web host promises 99.99% of uptime. Hence, only limited cases of downtime will ever happen on your website. Thus, if you are running an e-commerce store, you will always be reachable by your customers.

When it comes to speed, HostGator cloud offers you fast loading of your site. As you know, loading speed is a ranking determinant. Hence, your site will likely win a position on the top five of Google result for your keyword. At the writing of the article, the HostGator cloud was charging $2.99/month as the hosting fee. Isn’t that affordable?


Are you looking for cheaper long-term hosting services? Hostinger is here for you. As a web hosting provider, Hostinger charges you a hosting fee of $2.13/month. However, to enjoy this offer, you must pay for a minimum of 3 years. Apart from this, the web hosting provider gives you a guarantee of 99.78% of uptime. So your site will not be on and off. Thus, if you are ranking well on the search engine, the web host will ensure you sustain your position by maintaining your uptime.

Also, regarding loading speed, Hostinger offers you 475ms as the loading time of your page. Furthermore, if you have a hosting issue, you do not have to worry. You can reach out to Hostinger customer support 24/7 through live chats on their website. As such, with Hostinger, web hosting should not be a pain in your back or a cost generator.


Do you want to get in motion? Go for InMotion cheap web hosting services. This web hosting provider designs it packages to serve small businesses trying their luck online. The provider has a relatively reliable support service. However, it might not be a good option for people residing outside the US.

Nevertheless, InMotion guarantees its users a 99.97% uptime and a loading time of 701ms. Concerning hosting price, it is relatively affordable as you will pay $2.95 per month, but you have to pay for 3 years.  Despite this, it is an affordable option for small business and startups struggling financially.


When talking about cheap web hosting providers, it is unthinkable to leave out BlueHost in your conversation. The hosting provider boasts of hosting more than 2 million websites which consist of market leaders in the online arena. Notably, it is a bed of roses for renowned bloggers and webmasters. The provider guarantees you a 99.98% of uptime with a 521ms loading time.

Also, you only pay $2.95/month. Nevertheless, you must pay for three years. If you opt for a lesser period, charges are $4.95. Regardless, your website is a virtual real estate, and you are holding it for a long-term period. So, why not go for the 3-year plan?

All in all, with the above cheap web hosting options, hosting costs should no longer be a burden to your business. If you are paying more on your current host, it is a high time to switch.